About Us

In the summer of 2020 - disappointed in the lack of locally available zines - husband and wife team Megan Brisbin-Harrison and Ryan “Chopsy” Harrison founded HEX Publishing, a zine publishing platform and distro.

With an interest in diverse stories and art styles and a DIY aesthetic, HEX strives to publish zines that are as pleasing to the eye as they are entertaining to read. We are not interested in being gatekeepers, but would instead like to amplify the voices of anyone with an interesting story to tell - particularly those of people belonging to groups that are usually excluded from traditional publishing.

Why Zines?

We chose to publish zines because of the brevity and personal touch they offer that is not possible with other formats. All of our releases are lovingly assembled and hand bound by our production team (Meg & Chopsy) to give every zine that DIY authenticity. We produce zines in limited short runs, usually between 50 to 200 copies per run, to make sure that every copy meets our standards.


Our Team

Megan Brisbin-Harrison

Meg earned her Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and New Media and is an autobio comic and zine enthusiast. When not filling her time with zine-making and reviewing submissions, Meg likes gardening, reading, and attending the occasional punk show. She also geeks out over narrative cookbooks, food science, and anything related to food systems and sustainability.

Ryan “Chopsy” Harrison

Chopsy (Ryan’s preferred name) is an illustrator and graphic designer. Chopsy has spent time as a musician (mostly punk rock), a tattoo artist, and fine artist, but prefers to use his art for story telling through zines and comix. Chopsy is also the art director for Washington based record label PIG Records. You can find more of Chopsy’s work at itsmechopsy.com and @itsmechopsy on Instagram.